The Matching Problem deals with the search of a relation between two different sets. A classic example is the so-called ‘Marriage Problem’, in which a set of women and a set of men are given. In addition, we have information on who would accept whom as a potential life partner. A matching then is a set of couples that are ‘compatible’ with one another. The Weighted Matching Problem is a more general case that gives preferences to different relations in order to obtain the best allocation possible. This problem can be solved by the Hungarian Method.
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Blossom Algorithm

The Blossom Algorithm computes a maximal matching in an arbitrary graph (in contrast to the Hopcroft-Karp algorithm which requires a bipartite graph).

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Hopcroft-Karp Algorithm

The Hopcroft-Karp Algorithm computes for two given sets with possible assignments a maximal relation.

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Hungarian Method

The Hungarian Method determines for two given sets with weighted assignments a maximal (with respect to the weights) relation.